Killer List of 40 FREE, SEO-Friendly, DoFollow Directories

web-trafficThrough my link building efforts for clients, I’ve compiled an extensive list of “dofollow” blogs, forums and web directories. Getting links from quality, dofollow websites is crucial in building domain authority and PageRank. For the record, there’s no such thing as a “dofollow” tag. I’m simply referring to websites that don’t attach a “nofollow” to outbound links as “dofollow.”

Here’s a list of free, SEO directories that dofollow links. As I discover more dofollow directories, I’ll add them to the list. Feel free to suggest any I’ve missed. Also, I’ve grouped them by PageRank, with nothing below a PR 2.

Free SEO, DoFollow Directory List

PR: 8

PR: 6

PR: 5

PR: 4

PR: 3

PR: 2

I’m always looking to add to this dofollow resource guide. So if you’ve got a free SEO, dofollow directory that’s not on the list, please share.

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